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At Benchmark Sixty, we know that you want to be a great restaurant operator. An operator who wants to have long-term success regardless of inflation, labor shortages, or other common challenges. In order to operate that way, it’s important to understand how data and information can improve your business.

Unfortunately, most restaurant owners don’t have time to sift through information or study data because they’re too busy running their restaurants! This can be frustrating, and it leaves so many owners feeling stuck in the mindset that, “this is the way we’ve always done it.”

Benchmark Sixty is a consulting firm that believes no restaurant owner should feel stuck or like external problems are controlling their business. You shouldn’t have to feel like you have no choice but to hope that the old ways will work. That’s why we use a holistic method of analyzing data in a way that immediately pinpoints opportunities and provides a gateway to solving your problems.

Our three-step process allows us to better understand your:

  1. Concept. Every business is different and should be operated as such.

  2. Productivity. We measure this using a proprietary strategy.

  3. Data. In minutes, we’ll have answers to help us better understand your business as a whole.

With Benchmark Sixty on your side, we can work to change the way the entire restaurant industry looks at labor costs in an attempt to better protect people and profit. Reach out to us to learn more about our hospitality consulting services or to get started today.

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concept clarity

Every business is different, so we consider everything from your service model to pricing strategy, wage structure to growth plan to get to know your business.

proprietary strategies

We use a proprietary strategy that allows us to measure overall business productivity and employee workload in a restaurant environment. Once we measure this, we teach you how to improve it, saving thousands of dollars each year.

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In minutes, we will show you exactly where, and what opportunities are in your restaurant to make dramatic improvements.

Worried about labor shortages, feeling the effects of inflation, struggling with retention, or considering a more holistic and people-centric approach to business, then welcome to Benchmark Sixty. At Benchmark Sixty, we help restaurant owners all over the world through evaluating their specific situations and creating customized solutions.

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Staff Retention Strategies

We teach you to measure and protect employee workload so that you can stay ahead of burnout and reduce turnover.

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Meet Your Benchmarks

Benchmark Sixty is a boutique management advising firm for restaurants and food service companies. Our team of hospitality experts are guided by a holistic data-driven approach to improve retention strategies tailored to your company's specific needs.

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