We provide productivity and employee services designed to uncover your specific pain points in order to create comprehensive strategies for success. Our team of professionals can take on your restaurant and assess its performance to help you create strategic decisions that can boost your overall return on investment and retention.

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'do-with' services

As a restaurant owner, you are continuously having to deal with so much on your plate every day. It is no surprise that it can become overwhelming and oftentimes, you may let important things slip through the cracks. Our team can help you make data-driven adjustments based on the assessment of your restaurant and its performance. Whether you are looking for ways to improve your profitability or you need better retention, our team can create a strategy to help with your specific pain points, some of which you may not even notice you have.

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How Benchmark Sixty Can Help

Through a data-driven analysis of your performance, we can measure your overall business productivity and employee workload to determine where to make adjustments for improvement. All of our strategies are backed by data, which you can learn to continuously use to make informed decisions in the future.

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Combat Rising Costs

Our 3 step process will allow you to combat rising costs without raising prices or cutting your staff.

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8 Proven Steps to Mastering the New Normal of Restaurant Labour Costs