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Jim is a first-rate operator and his experience in the field at all levels is a great asset for all growing companies or one's that is looking for an outside opinion. His knowledge in the labor sector of the restaurant business is so beneficial. It is a pleasure to work with Jim and look forward to maintaining a connection for years.

- John McNamara, Malone's COO at Bluegrass Hospitality Group

I have really enjoyed working with Jim on our Labor Productivity Modeling. Jim has helped Nova Restaurant Group rethink and restructure how we look at labor. Prior to looking at productivity, we measured labor as straight percentage of sales for Front of the House and Back of the House departments. Learning to track and measure labor based on productivity versus a percent transforms how we forecast our scheduling plus monitor our management's effectiveness in managing this crucial business metric.

I highly recommend Jim Taylor's company to any restaurant operator who is looking to understand how to set up and monitor best labor practices.

- Bruce Nelson, CFO, Nova Restaurant

"[Benchmark Sixty] was the most important member of our change management team that focused on reducing labor through productivity metrics rather than percentage-of-sale metrics. Without [Benchmark Sixty]'s operational experience and his ability to engage and encourage other leaders, the new productivity metrics would have been useless. In under a year, [Benchmark Sixty] was able to transform the entire labor model which ultimately reduced labor cost and improved schedule performance."

— Derek Smith, Head of Business Intelligence at Warehouse Group Inc.

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