How Is Benchmark Sixty’s Approach Different?

How Is Benchmark Sixty’s Approach Different?

When it comes to hospitality and restaurant consulting there are many options from which to choose. However, as a business owner, it’s important to work with a company that understands how to analyze your business and produce the ideal recommendations on how to improve productivity in the workplace. At Benchmark Sixty, our approach is different from other restaurant consulting firms. Keep reading to learn more and we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have!

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Data-Driven Approach

Our team takes a data-driven approach to every restaurant. We can measure your overall business productivity and employee workload to determine where adjustments can be made for improvement. From there, we’ll be able to provide an in-depth analysis of where your business is excelling and where there is room for improvement.


Innovative Retention Strategies

A primary goal of most restaurants is to enhance the customer experience. One of the most effective ways to attain this goal is to improve the operational efficiency of your back-of-the-house and front-of-house staff by equipping them with proper tools. At Benchmark Sixty, one area we observe closely is employee workload and their responsibilities. Finding areas where staff may be over or underworked, can help us identify what may lead your restaurant to a higher turnover rate. We can offer innovative retention strategies to keep valuable staff and ensure your business continues to be profitable.


No Consulting By Opinion

Some restaurant consultants base their recommendations off a feeling or opinion once they’ve visited your location. At Benchmark Sixty, we always rely on the data to determine our approach rather than a “look” or “feel”. Our consultants offer real solutions, not half measures.


Knowledgeable and Experienced

When you partner with Benchmark Sixty, you’ll work with a knowledgeable and experienced team of consultants that knows how to pinpoint opportunities and provide a gateway to solutions. Each restaurant we work with is unique and we approach each business with a fresh perspective on how to help it grow and improve. With Benchmark Sixty on your side, we can work to change the way the entire restaurant industry looks at labor costs in an attempt to better protect people and profit. Reach out to us to learn more about our hospitality consulting services or to get started today.

If you’re considering working with a restaurant consultant, we hope you’ll reach out to us today. We’d love the opportunity to speak with you about your business!

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